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  • 15.10.2019
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Moogulkree | 18.10.2019
niggers are hideous and so are you
Maladal | 19.10.2019
The problem is not an episodic criticism of the democratically elected officials, but the slippery slope of the military meddling in politics. It starts with retired officers but how long will it take to see active duty ones to intervene in writing and later factually? Democracy, even in the mighty USA, is not invulnerable.
Kanos | 18.10.2019
Holy hell. I didn't know that I liked this until now.
Maular | 21.10.2019
If you are in absolutely no hurry to be anywhere, please refrain from driving from 7:00 - 9:30 in the morning. Some of us actually have to be somewhere. Thank you.

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